Welcome to the 2019 Digital Programme. FREE  to download and £2.00 at the event. Your physical programme number will be drawn for £100 first prize and a photo-shoot second prize donated by Pete Graham Photography. This year we are unable to offer online draw facilities.

All contributions going to Derian House, a wonderful end of life hospice for Children.

The programme and live tournament results are shown within the web site reflect one of the biggest issues in bowling – bowlers registering for competitions months in advance and then letting hard-working organisers down.  We are striving to find an alternative to the digital scramble on social media as the present free for all is not fair to anyone.

Please contact us if you have any ideas and suggestions.

Click on the image opposite to buy your Programme, register for an account and provide payment details – ALL safe and secure. PaperTrell is owned by Trellisys within which Reg Horman is a founding associate.