The Railway Classic 2017 Programme contains the draw, the players’ number, adverts from our sponsors and a special Prize Draw number. This will be drawn on Sunday prior to the FINAL. Prizes will be announced on the day and they will be well worth the £2.00 punt, the cost of a programme. Winners will be notified if they are not in attendance on the final Sunday.

Programmes will go to print September. The deadline for advertisers copy is 25th August. A quarter page advert will cost £25.00, half page £50 and a full page £100. Primary sponsors receive a full page copy as part of their package. Primary sponsorship is £250 per sponsor. Please note that this is a ‘community’ event and we would encourage local tradesmen to participate.

Please use the web site contact form to indicate your sponsorship requirement. We will attend to all enquiries as soon as we can. Sponsors will be able to promote themselves around the ‘green’ subject to quality and safety assessment.

Many thanks to all sponsors.