10.30am for 11.00am Sat19th Sep

Reserve List Only

1.30pm for 2.00pm Sat 19th Sep

Reserve List Only

10.30am for 11.00am Sun 20th Sep

Reserve List Only

1.30pm for 2.00pm Sun 20th Sep

Places Available

Railway Classic 2020

Entries LIVE 6.00pm 29th February. Last years winner, Chris Barton has a reserved place.

Entry fee £25. Unless there is an exceptional circumstance, entry fees are non-refundable.

Reg can be contacted on reg@railwayclassic.co.uk

At the start of this journey, our aim was to bring the ‘best’ and ‘the ambitious’ together.

As we are now established it is harder to maintain our vision, and especially with just 64 places available. Demand will far outweigh capacity (again). But, as with every year so far, people let us down. If you wish to be a ‘local reserve’ to stand in where others fail, then please let Reg know.

A lot will happen between now and September, let’s hope it’s all positive and that season 2020 is exciting, fun and rewarding to all.

2020 Railway Classic – BCGBA Approved – First Prize now £1000

The prize fund is under construction. Early signs are that we will significantly increase 2019’s prize fund. Details will be posted as soon as we have a final figure.

In 2019 we raised over £500 for Derian House, our local Children’s hospice. If you wish to support this event please contact Reg. Programme, web site and social media marketing. If you wish to donate to our main cause then send donations to finance@railwaybowlingclub.co.uk via PayPal.

The Winner’s prize will be £1000.

Sponsors wishing to help should contact Reg via this web site.

Places Allocated on Receipt of Registration FEE. The No. of Registered Players may exceed available spaces. If you have registered but not paid your place is at risk as demand will be even higher than in previous years. Where there is over demand we will offer alternative sessions if places available and/or an opportunity to go on the reserves list. Last year we had a number of last-minute non-attendees. Not only is this disrespectful to everyone, please don’t let yourselves down.

Let’s enjoy our game and fellowship through 2020, as we at The Railway look forward to welcoming you and your families to another great competition.

Click on Register and then the Railway Classic 2020 Header to load the registration and payment form.

If you do not have PayPal then you can pay by bank tranfer to: 77-76-25  46722568 or contact Reg with your payment method – reg@railwayclassic.co.uk or ring 07793005880 to discuss.

2019 Champion Bowler – Chris Barton beating Simon Coupe 21-14

Holding the UNIQUE Railway Classic Trophy both players made a true Classic final 2019 after the worst conditions in living memory. 

The Railway Classic

The investment and transformation at The Railway Pleasington is reMARKable and the benefactors are all who visit, drink, dine and play bowls. The green is back to its best, and the environment has never been better. Welcome to The Railway Classic web site.

The Competition

The Railway Classic is a single competition for men and women. There are 64 bowlers playing to a final 16. All games are to 21 off scratch and we look forward to seeing the best of all things bowling.


We understand that not all bowlers have an online presence. We have though made booking your Entry as simple as possible. If you have questions or need help then please use the Contact Form above.

Book your place in East Lancashire's premier bowling event

Use the Entry Form. Should there be over subscriptions we will either offer an alternative time and/or date or refund any prepayments in full. Let’s make this a great end of season celebration of bowling at its best on one of the best,